Paulo Griiettner

About Me

My name is Paulo Griiettner from Brazil, currently living in USA, passionate for Jesus, my wife (Miva) and kids (Geovanna and Kevin).

I am Professional Front End Developer that started to work in the business around 1998... yes... you got that right... I am considered among my fellows as dinosaur, because I started way back when the industry was still crawling its way out to become a career. This happen for an accident, after working to a travel agency and the owner wanted a website for his company and it was hard to find a professional around and by curiosity, I took the challenge. After the website was done, some other people started to enquire me for websites for their companies and... you know the rest... I became what I am today.

Around the year 2000 I got in contact with my first CMS, called PHPNuke, but my experience was not great... 4 years later, I learned about Mambo from a client that needed a database driven website and told me to see if I could take a project. My first project with Mambo was not great, but it was a good start to get going and eventually, Mambo became Joomla, due to fork that happened in 2005. Ever since I am working with Joomla in about 90% of the project I am involved with.

In 2012 I was one of the Board Members of Open Source Matters, the organization behind Joomla Project.

Recently I started to learn Wordpress as well and was able to deliver some project to clients and I believe it is great this interaction between the 2 most used CMS's in the planet and I am learning a lot from this experience.

What I like most on my job, is to work with Front End Development. I was earlier adopter of HTML5/CSS3, giving speech on tech events and bringing the news to my fellows developers. As well, I was earlier adopter of Responsive Design, having my speech, about the subject, being featured on the biggest international Joomla event, J and Beyond.

Currenltly, I'm dedicating more time learning and working with JavaScript based platforms, such as AngularJS or MeteorJS

I participate as Speaker or attendee in many tech events around the world, such as Campus Party - Brazil, Latino Ware - Brazil (speaker), J and Beyond 2011 - Netherland, J and Beyond 2012 - Germany (speaker), Algeria 2.0 - Algeria (speaker) and more.


One of my specialty and what I have passion to work is Front End Development, where I love to take good care of the code and use technologies to see the magic happen. Another thing that I like a lot too, is to develope CMS base sites using Joomla, Wordpress and Express.

Font-end Development

One of my passions... I love HTML5/CSS3/JS... Using tools such as Gulp, AngularJS and Sublime Text, I can speed up the process and improve the quality.

Mobile Websites

With more than 5 years experience developing responsive websites, you can be sure that I can make your wensite looks good on any device.

CMS Based Websites

Have a database driven website is very important, so it allows you to stay in control of things, even if you are not programer.

Web Site Maintanance &Support

After your website is done, you will need someone to keep things up and running smoothly, as well, you will probably need to make some changes and don't have the time do yourself.


Here is a small portion of my latest jobs. I have much more, but being a freelancer, I'm not authorized to display all of my works, because most of than has a confidentiality agreement. Wish I could show more here, because there are bunch of very nice ones.